The Russian invader complained that the commanders do not provide their subordinates with the most necessary things, give bloody orders, and themselves hide from danger.

Russian military complains about provision and his command.

Ukrainian intelligence intercepted his conversation, informs GUR

“They would have given us normal commanders, motherfucker, or else they would instruct me to fight, and then you have to follow their orders when they send you to certain death, and you, motherfucker, sit and hide,” said the occupier.

The Russian soldier also complained about the cold evenings and the lack of warm uniforms that had not yet been issued to them by their commanders.

“F*ck everything is against us, I don’t understand this shit at all. As for Stalin – not a step back. There’s nothing to wear. Today I’m going to a position, where the hell are you going? At night “minus”. I have to buy something for myself , but they set fucking tasks. If you want to do it, if you don’t want to – go to prison,” he complained.

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Source: TSN