Fox News host Carlson called Biden’s behavior appalling after his daughter’s confessions

If US President Joe Biden, as his daughter Ashley claims, took a shower with her, he behaved horribly. About this, reacting to the publication of excerpts from Ashley’s diary, said the host of the American television channel Fox News Tucker Carlson. He also accused Biden of perversion, writes RIA Novosti.

Earlier, excerpts from the diary of the daughter of the American president appeared in the American media – she kept it during rehabilitation when she struggled with compulsive sexual behavior. In the notes, Ashley writes that she was “turned on guys” and “hyper-concerned from a young age.” She says that she was sexually attracted to one of the family members. Ashley writes in her diary that she had sex with friends in her youth and showered with her dad. The woman suggested that such behavior could be considered unacceptable.

“Ashley Biden does not say how old she was at the time she was showering with her father. However, she was apparently old enough to remember that. By the way, small children do not take a shower, they bathe in the bath. “Unacceptable” showering with your own daughter? – Carlson was indignant on the air of the TV channel.

He believes that such records by the daughter of the American president are a reason for the visit of police officers. According to Carlson, there is no reason not to believe the authenticity of the diary, which is why the incident needs to be investigated.

Biden’s previously naked son was filmed with a gun and a prostitute. The video was shared with the New York Post by Marco Polo, a non-profit organization associated with Garrett Ziegler, a former aide to one of Donald Trump’s associates.